Belly dance Classes, Private tuition and Workshops
Hannah Mi Anis teaches a unique dance style blending and weaving the energy and strength of Tribal Fusion with the elemental charge of Sacred
Earth belly dance.

‘Let the beauty we love, be what we do.’ Rumi

Schedule : Winter 2019

NEWS**In accordance to the Devadasi tradion we are not synching up our courses to the lunar cycle.  Each course will now begin on the Thursday nearest the new moon and follow through waxing, full and waning moon. Sometimes this will be reflected in our dance and sometimes it will be there purely for ourselves to cultivate more awareness of our own cycle and that of the turning of the earth, seasons and the maha(great) teacher, time.


~ 2nd May – 30th May. 5 week course. See descriptions and details below.

Class Descriptions and Details

*Foundations : Core technique, feeling and combinations.
Every Thursday night : 7-8pm. 
This class is designed as a model for your core training of Belly dance in its raw form, in its sacred form and in its creative form. Our aim is to build posture and presence physically as we nurture our depth and alignment internally. Dance is a daily practice and we will learn to live the movements not just learn them.  We cover fundamental technique, alignment and knowledge in the Tribal repertoire and the Sacred Earth Belly dance language.
This class is suitable for beginners and for intermediate and beyond students consolidating their practice.

*Intermediate and Beyond. Choreography, Intelligent Improvisation and performance skills.
Every Thursday night : 8-9pm.

In this class we will expand our dance knowledge to involve choreographic sequences, intelligent improvisation, group and solo concepts, musicality, creativity, and core rhythm theory. The emphasis is on greater depth, intricacy and wisdom to your dance.
This class is designed for those familiar with the dance vocabulary and intention within Hannah Mi Anis’ teaching repertoire. If you are new to Hannah’s classes please attend the  Foundations class in unison with this class.

The Foundations class is designed for all levels. Suitable for beginners, and excellent for intermediate and beyond students’ continuing practice.
Intermediate and Beyond class is for those with pior belly dance experience and are familiar with the vocabulary in Hannah Mi Anis’ classes. It is designed to be taken in combination with the Foundations class.

The Urdang 2
259-263 Goswell Rd, London EC1V 7AH

*7-8pm : Foundations
*8-9pm : Intermediate and Beyond

Please wear something comfortable to move in, water and some good energy!


Course prices are returning in May:
May course 1 hour ( 5 hours total for either Foundations or Intermediate) = £45
May Course 2 hours ( 10 hours total £80)
Drop in : £10 for one hour
                 £19 for 2 hours

Best Practice: Consistent attendance is encouraged to benefit the most from class.


FireWater Workshops

Next workshop: Spring In Balance

Harnessing the energy of Springtime the focus of this day is to ignite your creativity and breathe freshness into your dance.

A rich day of Yoga, Sacred Earth belly dance infused with Tribal Fusion technique, and American Tribal Style® belly dance, followed by the Cowry Sessions and another beautiful FireWater Dance Jam. A full day designed to develop, deepen and support your Tribal practice. Step In Balance and experience dance fully!

DATE: Sunday 28th April 2019

*11-3:30pm Yoga & Dance Workshops
*4:30-6pm The Cowry Sessions & FireWater Dance Jam

At Fourth Monkey Studios, London

Bookings and all details at FireWater It is essential to reserve your spot!


PRIVATE CLASSES with Hannah Mi Anis.

Dance can be a highly unqiue experience for each individual and private classes are a beautiful addition to your training to finetune technique, explore a more specialized skill, and work on the development of a personal piece for performance.

Hannah has worked with students on a 1-2-1 basis for more than a decade helping to nurture, guide and grow some of the most beloved dancers on our scene. A subject may be chosen from Sacred Earth belly dance, Tribal Fusion, Intelligent improvisation, The Drum solo, Vintage Belly dance, the Core Fundamentals, the root Rhythms, Turkish Roman, Contemporary Zar and Creating your own Solo piece.

Contact Hannah for availability.x

Hannah Mi Anis will be on maternity leave from mid May 2018 until September 2018. Watch this space for further dates and details.xx




Private classes are a medium in which to go deep into your own individual dance energy and practice. A subject may be chosen from Sacred earth belly dance, Tribal Fusion, Intelligent improvisation, The Drum solo, Vintage Belly dance, the Core Fundamentals, the root Rhythms, Turkish Roman and Creating your own Solo piece. Contact Hannah for details and pricing.
Throughout the year Hannah gives workshops and Speciality classes on Vintage Belly Dance, Dance of The Wild Woman, The Art of the Taqsim, The Tribal Drum Solo, Intelligent improvisation and Trance dance.  See Classes and Calendar for further details.



Hannah Mi Anis co-creates and co-runs a Tribal Belly dance Collective with Philippa Moirai.  Together they host workshops and performances with international teachers.
Previous guest teachers; Colleena Shakti ( US/ Rajhastan), Mishaal (US/Bali/Japan), Raki Khalbelia (Rajasthan, IN),Kristine Adams of FCBD®and Sonia Ochoa (US), LingShien and Mark Bell a.k.a Helm(US), Susan Frankovich, Heather Shoopman, Tsingani, Elizabeth Mahina (Los Angeles,
US), Olivia Kissel (Pennsylvania, US), and Wendy
See for further details of FireWater workshops.


Colleena Shakti : 10th-12th June 2016
All details: Colleena Intensive

Dancers love to travel. If you would like to host a workshop in your area please feel free to contact Hannah for details, full workshop list and arrangements. 
Hannah teaches workshops on Vintage Belly Dance, Dance of The Wild Woman, The Art of the Taqsim, The
Tribal Drum Solo, Intelligent improvisation and Trance dance.