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*Day retreat for All Women: Saturday 28th April 2018

*Day Retreat for Young Women (Ages 12 -16) : Sunday 29th April 2018

For all details and booking : http://www.the-heroines-path.com/calendar

The Heroines' Path

Hannah Mi Anis is co-founder and co-creator of the Heroine's Path, a collective of women, devoted to and specialising in different holsitic arts.
They hold retreat days following an experiential journey through the arts. 

The day is an interactive experience weaving through yogic practices, holistic movement, art, and nutritional awareness.  The intention being that we acquire these practices not with the end aim of becoming an artist, dancer, or yogini, but with acquiring tools with which to both deal with our  challenges, and deepen our experience of everyday life.  A creative gaze into your own heroine’s journey creating a reflective space cultivating vitality, strength, community, and a coming home to yourself.

The heroine’s journey encourages us to question and rethink how misdirected and disrespected feminine energy in our society can lead to a scattering of our innate life force, and how we may recover it at our own pace.

 Open to all women.

The Heroine's Path project also runs day retreats with  adapted practices, specifically for young women in their teens.

From Our Eyes
From Our Eyes is a body of work created collaboratively between Daniel Woodfield and members of the Embers Collective. This photographic exhibition and set of performances have been devised with an understanding that we can not give an exact portrayal of what it may be like to have a mental health condition, but we as people and artists can draw upon our experience and our training to offer a perception.When it comes to art Mental Health is a difficult topic, it needs delicacy and power at the same time as it is both fragile, for those who may suffer, and stubborn, for those who struggle to acknowledge it. 

The pictured image is an excerpt from Hannah Mi Anis' work 'Re-Form', exploring the subject of eating disorders, to dispell certain prejudices surrounding the issue and to demonstrate the strength and courage it takes for someone to endure such an experience. The tale is told inside the framework of the legend of the Irish figure Mis.

An avid lover of storytelling, Hannah Mi Anis occasionally joins The Embers Collective, a London based storytelling and live music collective. Formed by three friends; a writer, an actor and a musician who wanted to put on events with a focus on community, and driven by a passion for the art of sharing stories.
Their events bring audiences together through the exploration of myths and folklore from all over the world. Each of our stories is accompanied by a live, professional multi-instrumentalist whose soundscapes take listeners on a journey. We welcome you to our warm embrace.
For more about them and their upcoming events visit : www.theembercollective. com